Our worldwide chapters are key to our work. Chapters are independent non-profit organizations affiliated with World Possible, started and run by local entrepreneurs who have a passion for bringing RACHEL to their communities. Chapters gather locally relevant content, train teachers to incorporate RACHEL into their classrooms, provide technical support to schools, and much more!

Of course, our chapters aren’t the only ones bringing RACHEL to new places. For a full map of where our partners are using RACHEL, head over here to our Partners page .

Our chapter program started with Israel Quic, a native Mayan Guatemalan who learned about RACHEL while working for the Gates Foundation-funded Riecken Community Libraries in Guatemala. When he encountered RACHEL, he saw that it had a potential to go far beyond libraries. In 2014, Israel left Riecken to found our first World Possible chapter and bring RACHEL to schools across the country.

Click on the links to the left to meet our chapter staff and learn more about their work.

Guatemala chapter founder Israel Quic demonstrating RACHEL at a school in Guatemala.


If you are in a country where one of our chapters operates, you can purchase RACHEL directly from our local chapter. The pricing is slightly different, because chapters pay the shipping and import fees for you. You can read more about purchasing RACHEL directly from our chapters in this document, or contact our chapter staff directly.


Do you have a vision for bringing RACHEL to your country? We don’t accept applications be a chapter leader. We identify chapter leaders based on their independent work deploying RACHEL in their own communities and sharing feedback with us. Most individuals we support deploy RACHEL as part of their other job responsibilities with another organization or as a university student, but find themselves passionate about RACHEL and doing more volunteer work on their own with the technology. As we get to know chapter leaders, we begin to support them with things like hardware. Eventually, chapter leaders gain enough support locally to run an independent non-profit organization.

Successful chapter leaders are individuals who are:

  • From the country you wish to bring RACHEL to and currently living there

  • Passionate about our mission to connect offline learners to the world’s knowledge, and able to communicate that mission effectively to different audiences

  • Skilled in technology and/or teaching

  • Interested in gathering local content, training teachers in using RACHEL, and providing technical support to schools

  • Able to promote RACHEL widely by speaking at conferences and to the media, and giving demonstrations to schools, community leaders, NGOs, and government officials

  • Willing to communicate regularly with World Possible staff and community on your progress

Want to get started deploying RACHEL in your community? Head to our community forums! You might:

  • Find out whether we already have a chapter or a volunteer country coordinator in your country--if so, you can post to contact them directly and volunteer to help out.

  • If we don't already have a chapter or volunteer country coordinator in your country, find out whether people are using RACHEL in your area, and offer to visit them to learn how their deployments are going and what support they need.

  • If nobody has posted yet in our forums about using RACHEL in your country, then start the conversation! Introduce yourself and offer to help out anyone who might be interested in using RACHEL in your country.